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Tom Massey reviews the book

April 2, 2008 - For Immediate Release

Fortune & Freedom is a field-guide for the aspiring entrepreneur to learn how to prepare for owning and running a business. From defining what “success” is to developing effective management and leadership skills, this book offers practical, no-nonsense advice that everyone can follow.

I love the way this book is written – short and succinct (who has time to read tomes of information these days?). Jim Hirshfield provides lots of interesting stories, based on his three decades of business experience, which illustrate powerful principles that will work for anyone. Each chapter concludes with review points designed to reinforce learning, along with simple suggestions for putting the principles into practice.

Hirshfield uses examples from his own career to present the following points with clarity and simplicity:

• It isn’t how much you earn but how much spend that determines your financial position.

• Investors need you as much as you need them as they desperately search to put their money into the hands of someone who will respect their investment.

• If you control the deal you will control your future.

• It is as important to build value as it is to make a profit.

• Time is your most valuable asset because it is simply irreplaceable once it has been spent.

Fortune & Freedom is more than just a business book. It also provides valuable information on how to grow as a person of character and value. In the world of business, entrepreneurship is a personal journey that will help you to create a life of fortune and freedom. More importantly, it will enable you to spend more time with your family and give back to your community. Success is not just about making a living. It is about creating a life that is meaningful. It’s all in the book.

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